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Building relationships necessary for stopping the free fall and building stability.



Winter Shelter

November - March 9pm- 6am @ Central Nazarene Church

(9715 SE Powell Blvd.)  in partnership with Union Gospel Mission

Family Shelter

The Lighthouse in Beaverton @ Nexus Church

For more information...


Saturdays 10am - 2pm @ Central Nazarene Church

(9715 SE Powell Blvd.)  in partnership with Union Gospel Mission

Food - Grab and Go Lunch

Sundays 12pm-1pm @ Central Nazarene Church

(9715 SE Powell Blvd.)

Life Necessities and Gear

As needed - stop by to see if we have something you need.  We might be able to help or point you in the right direction.


Transitional Shelter Program

Stay in our tiny village where you will receive case management support, accountability, structure, and safety while you work toward stability.

Interested?  Learn More... 


We can help with referrals to detox, sober housing, and other programs.


We are willing to help make appointments and arrange for transportation.

Other Services

Can help with ID replacement, birth certificates, and signing up for other services like snap, OHP, etc...



We strive to assist people in building the tools and resources we all need to be stable and upwardly mobile.  These resources are built through relationships with people, mentors, counseling, and classes or programs.  We will help you develop a plan to build these resources into your life.


What housing options are right for you?  We can help with getting on wait lists, developing a financial plan, getting connected to other housing programs.

Social Capital

So much of our stability depends on the networks we have and the people we know.  Through our volunteers and partners we can help you find healthy relationships, mentors, and build other support systems.

Future Orientation

It is hard to stop living in survival mode and dream about the future.  Let's set some goals, make some plans, and start striving for a better future.  

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