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Loving Everyone

Agape Village started with, and continues with, a deep desire to love our neighbors.  This isn’t a love that sits idly by while our neighbors suffer in poverty and brokenness.  It is a love that acts, a love that works for the good of our city.  We are committed to seeing the cycle of poverty ended and every person living a healthy and stable life, regardless of race, ethnicity, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic circumstance, national origin, geographic background, immigration status, ability and disability, physical characteristics, veteran status, political ideology, religious belief and age.  


We recognize our city is made up of a diverse group of people with a diverse set of experiences, some that have led to wealth and others that have led to poverty.  It is our goal to bridge the gap between these groups finding ways for all of us to live in health and stability.  Agape Village started with a diverse group of people (houseless, blue collar, white collar, and various races) sitting around the same table to discuss what was most needed to lovingly help our neighbor.  We continue this endeavor today as we still engage people from all spectrums of society, listening to the needs of the marginalized, and educating those that aren’t, so we can find common ground and work for the good of everyone.  


Agape Village values everyone’s safety and dignity.  We are all human beings created in God’s image.  Unfortunately, we have experienced a break down in simple human identity through the unraveling of human dignity, value, and honor because of internal and external abuses of social, gender, racial, political, and religious powers.  We seek to build back our identity as humans by talking often about our value and our worth as people and teaching ways to show that respect to ourselves and to those around us.  We respect the dignity of all members of our community and aspire to ensure that all feel valued and supported.  There is no space in our programs for disrespectful or hateful speech or behavior.  


Along with the diversity of people in our community there is a diversity of need.  We recognize we cannot meet the need without including everyone in our community.  We seek to reach into all parts of our community, including the marginalized, to find those in need of our services, to connect with those who have the skills we need to meet those needs, and to listen to the wisdom and experience each person can offer.  A united community is always going to be healthier than a divided one. 


Agape Village hopes to be a place where everyone feels safe and respected; a community that works with people as they work toward health and stability; an example to the larger community of what love in action can accomplish.  

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