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Transitional Shelter Program Expectations

Who We Are:

Agape Village is a transitional shelter program (up to 12 months duration, may be extended as needed with board and staff approval) that provides a safe and secure community for those experiencing houselessness while seeking to equip the villagers to meet their goals, be successful, and move onto healthier and more stable housing. 


Agape means love, it is a love that goes beyond emotions and seeks the best for others.  Agape Village was born from this love – a desire to love our neighbors and help them achieve their best.  We believe the best way to do this is by valuing:


Success - Success happens when we make positive steps toward our dreams and our goals.  We want to be a place where we can all achieve our goals and strive after our dreams. 


Respect - Respect acknowledges that we all have value, including ourselves, as human beings.  We want to be place that acknowledges that value, despite our differences, and encourages it in others.


Sobriety - Sobriety means being clear headed and under control.  We are not under the influence of the people or things that want to pull us down.  We want to be a place where people can find sobriety – take back control of their life.


Safety - Safety is about maintaining our physical and emotional health.  We want this place to be safe.  When we feel safe we are more free to move forward in life.


Our Expectations:

In order for us to succeed everyone will need to do their part.  We ask all of our Villagers to help build community and everyone succeed by doing their part in maintaining an environment that is:


Free of violence

            No self-harm or harm to others

            Being respectful of others, even during conflict.

            Will not possess any weapons (large knives, guns-of any sort)

            Will not threaten others

            When conflict arises villagers are encouraged to work out their problems through communication

and are free to ask village staff for support when needed.



            No stealing

            Making sure others are not stealing

            Respecting others belongings and space


Free of alcohol, drugs, and drug paraphernalia

            This is a drug and alcohol free environment

            No drinking alcohol

            No using drugs

            No possessing drugs or drug paraphernalia

            Take a drug test upon entry and random drug tests thereafter


Peaceful and quiet

            Honor quiet hours (10pm – 7am)

            No overnight guests

            No persistent disruptive behavior

            Not disrespecting others based on ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, handicap,

lifestyle choices, or economic status.

            No aggressive animals

            All pets will be kept on a leash and under control


Community Oriented

            Everyone cleans up after themselves and makes sure their areas are clean and garbage free

            Take turns working security shifts and fire watches throughout the night and when needed

            Work in and around the village to maintain a sanitary, safe, and working village. 

            Contribute a minimum of 10 hours of volunteering to help maintain village (yard work, cleaning, work projects, etc…)

            Help fund the operational expenses of the village by contributing $75 a month (or working extra volunteer hours)

            Attend the weekly General Assemblies where community is built and various items discussed.


            Working with case managers and village staff to set goals

            Take necessary steps to achieve set goals (every 30 days)

            This is not permanent housing – it is a transitional space. 


Villagers will be assigned one of the pods to use for sleeping and the storage of personal belongings. The pods are at all times under the direct responsibility of Agape Village. They are not the property of the villagers.  Therefore, all PODs will be inspected weekly for cleanliness and maintenance issues.  There are to be no modifications or work performed on the POD without village manager approval.          


Villagers that choose not to do their part in maintaining this kind of environment will be asked to change their behavior.  If that behavior is not changed that tells us that villager does not want to be a part of Agape Village and will be asked to leave. 


If drugs, alcohol, drug paraphernalia are found or a drug test failed the Villager must meet with Village Staff and develop and execute a recovery plan in order to remain in the village.   The second offense will result in the villager being asked to leave.


Villagers are required to call/text the village manager to let us know when they will be out of the village for the night.   

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